A Day in the Life of….

by Gavan on June 4, 2009

How’s it going all?

I’m still in France (poor me) and have been having a great time with the family just doing a whole lot of…………….nothing. Very unusual for me but great to be able to do it, guilt free(ish). We’ve been here since Saturday night and have a couple of more days left. The weather was shit when we arrived but it’s been gorgeous for the last few days. I felt bad for the rest of them more than myself and herself with the weather being bad ’cause, let’s face it we live in sunny California so it’s not like we don’t see it.

The last couple of days we did some sightseeing and headed to Cannes for a few hours on Monday which was cool but yesterday was the best. We got our arses up early early and took the train to Monte Carlo and Monaco. I was there twenty years ago but when you’re a kid I don’t think you appreciate it as much. We went all through the palace in Monaco and walked around the streets. The views are amazing from up there over-looking the port.


We then headed over to Monte Carlo which is only 10 minutes on the bus. It’s an amazing lifestyle down there. I found out that 15% of the population of Monte Carlo is made up of English ex-pats. In the words of Michael Caine,
no’alot o’ people know da.
The best part for me, apart from getting to spend some great time with my missus, was that the Monaco grand prix was on there a couple of weeks back and they still have the construction up. They run the track on the streets of the city so we got to ride it on the bus over to Monte Carlo. Now, that was pretty cool! Not sure it means anything to anyone else but for me I was well chuffed.


That’s pretty much it for now. Going to hang around here for the day and do jack shit (except eat and drink). It’s been great hanging out with my 2 baby nieces as well. I don’t get to see them that often but I’ve found that it is easy to buy their affection. I just gave my eldest niece a packet of Dora band-aids and now (just for now) I’m the cool uncle. That’ll pass no doubt. Just as well I’m (and by ‘I’m’ I mean my missus, obviously) well prepared and have more stuff to buy their love. Whatever it takes!

Gotta go, sun’s out!

Catch you guys a little later.


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