And the Winner Is…

by Gavan on May 16, 2012

Congratulations to Michelle for having the best caption on my last post about our pregnancy. She wrote an amazing poem that knocked our socks off. As promised I picked out three of my favourite kitchen utensils for our winner:

1. Measuring spoons – who can live without them? The great thing about these by Progressive is that they’re magnetic so they’ll keep your drawers nice n’ tidy (and that keeps the missus happy in my house!)

2. A Microplane – other than my knives this gets used the most. Citrus zest is probably my favourite secret ingredient to use.

3. A Knife – need I say more? Every good cook needs a knife.

It was hard to pick just three things but these are brilliant tools every kitchen should have.

Cheers Michelle! I hope you like the goodies as much as we appreciate the poem.

“The Healthy Wee Little Irishman”

I’m a wee little Irishman, in my mommie’s belly.
Kickin’ and a squirmin’, it’s more fun than watching telly.
My daddy thinks he’s a tough guy.
But I show him.
With my best Alien move, I scare him off the couch.
We haven’t really met yet, but that oughtta give him an ouch.
Daddy’s sort of strange, he wiggles and pokes me like a bun.
I guess it’s his idea of having fun.
Someday I’ll grow up, and we’ll share a pint.
And remember the days when I was just a wee little lad …
Strong and healthy
Just like Dad.

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Michelle May 16, 2012 at 7:37 am

These tools are awesome. I forgot what it was like to use a nice, sharp knife. Very nice.
Thanks again.
And congratulations on the little guy. It’s a great adventure.

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