Another Beauty from Another Mother

by Gavan on March 29, 2012

You might have read my last post and probably found my writing unbelievably hilarious (as only I think I am) although that being said, everything sounds funnier in my head and doesn’t always translate…But as promised I have another classic granny foot-in-mouth story only this time from my own Mum.

When we found out what we were having I gave all my family the opportunity to find out. I mean they would’ve found out anyway sooner or later since I posted it on my site but I gave them the early bird option. We got an ultrasound picture from the doctor so I texted it to Mum. Now take a look at the photo and let me know what you see. It looks pretty clear to me but for some reason my Mum saw something completely different. While on Skype with the ‘rents the other day Mary says “I saw the photo of the baby you sent.” It took us a while to get which photo she was referring to since that particular photo (the one above) was SIX weeks ago but ok, great.

She continued, “He has a great big smile and all that hair!”

What the hell are you talking about?
I didn’t say that obviously ’cause I didn’t want to be rude but this was too easy. Deep down really I knew this was going to be fun. Remember, the baby was only 4ish months at that stage so there’s no way there was any smile or hair for that matter….in the photo. For crying out load it’s not even his head unless his arse looks like his head. Also remember the photo I sent was a clear hint of what sex the baby is.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Had Mum lost the plot? Was she looking at the right photo? Did babies look different back in her day?

“Just to clarify Mum, that’s his gonads you’re looking at, not his hair”

Silence….except for Dad pissing himself laughing in the background.

“Well I see what I see and that’s a good looking baby.”

That I cannot argue with so I let it alone. When my family’s right they’re right but when they’re wrong, boy is it comical.

…and the journey continues.


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Jennifer Tamez April 10, 2012 at 10:18 pm

“Well, I see what I see and that’s a good looking baby.”

This is killing me…….:)

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