Brother, where art thou?

by Gavan on November 9, 2009

Hey guys–How’s it going?

I decided to switch it up a bit here at The H.I. As you know, I use the site to give you mainly recipes and healthy articles and such but I also want to let you know what’s going down at Casa Murphy (that’s code for my house).
As of last week my younger brother, Ross or as he’s known to us, Bud (couldn’t tell you why), is here visiting for a while. It’s his first time here as an adult so it’s pretty cool going for a few beers together. We’ve never really lived together before so this is definitely interesting and I really should give props to my missus for now having to put up with 2 Murphy boys under the same roof. She’s a trouper!

Now, Ross is not known as much of a cook (although he does make a mean bread n’ butter sangwich), so I’ve taken it upon myself to show him a few things. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do as the older, wiser (better looking) brother? Though I think in his mind he’s agreed to learn so eagerly so he can go home with a couple of sure fire ‘getting laid’ recipes. I’m no miracle worker but I’ll do my best!

We’re also introducing his taste buds to some new and different foods. It was quite interesting, if not comical, to see his expression when I told him we were having Jerk Seitan for dinner. Jerk wha? I think it went down well or at least it didn’t come up! Good thing he’s a sport ‘cuz tonight is pumpkin burger night–can’t wait to see his face with this one! Today I showed him how to make homemade chicken stock (not that he’ll probably need it but…)

The brother cooking The brother still cooking

His buddy’s won’t know him when he gets home with all his tofu, veggie stock & aioli cooking skills.

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