Chipotle Wants Your Junk Mail

by Christy aka the Missus on July 21, 2010

I’m back on the Chipotle train again. I can’t help it–they keep doing cool things like testing a vegan chicken-like protein called Garden Blend in some locations. I was curious and ordered it. I asked if it was tofu and though they said no, it sure did taste a bit like tofu (the extra firm kind) but deliciously seasoned, giving a yummy addition to my usual salad. I tried looking up the Garden Blend on their website but since it’s just in the test phase I didn’t find any info so I fuddled around on their Facebook page where it seems I was not alone in my curiosity. I found the following info: “Garden Blend is a plant protein that we marinate and grill just like we do the chicken and steak. We’re serving it in a few restaurants in LA, Denver, NYC and London. – Colin”
I’m not sure who exactly Colin is, but he answers all the FB questions and comments so thanks Colin.

Another cool thing that caught my eye on their Facebook page was a tab labeled “No Junk:”

We don’t like junk. Not in our inboxes and not in our food.

Help us turn junk into something good. Forward your unwanted mail to And we’ll turn it into better school lunches.

If we hit 1,000,000 junk mails, we’ll donate $100,000 to The Lunch Box.  	And that translates into a lot of better-fed school kids.
See? Junk CAN be good.

Hurray once again for Chipotle! Now my junk emails will be put to good use–if only this worked for telemarketers!

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