Cooking Class

by Gavan on May 21, 2009

Hey guys.

The long holiday weekend is here and usually that means we have a catering gig on. But unlike our usual events (which vary in size), we have a great little cooking class gig booked this Saturday for our clients & friends.

The back story: A few months back we catered a birthday party for the 8 year old son of one of the guys I see in the gym in the mornings. We got to talking way back when about tattoos, as I’ve been known to enjoy the slight sensation of a needle tearing my skin on occasion. It turns out that his son has a lot of food allergies and once he found out what I do we became fast friends. It was our first kids party, though not your average, and it was good craic. Not your average because we had to adapt the menu so the young lad could actually eat and enjoy his own party since he’s allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs and peanuts. Try feeding a young fella birthday food with these restrictions! We defo had our work cut out for us but did some research and came up with some great alternatives for him. I did a pizza with a spelt crust and soy mozzarella cheese, chicken tenders with a gluten-free/wheat-free ‘breadcrumb’, some salads and vegan cookies along with some other bits n’ pieces. I was able to find a bakery that made a totally vegan birthday cake and the piece de resistance were some killer jello guitar cakes I asked my friend and fellow caterer, Trevor, to whip up. They were beyond brilliant. Everything turned out really well and most importantly our new 8 year old buddy had a great time. We actually became friends with the couple and this leads me to our gig this weekend.

Jello Guitar Cake Jello Guitar Cake

The family (and by family I mean his missus) has decided they want to learn some easy healthy cooking tips and allergy-free recipes. That’s where I come in. We’re going to head over to their house on Sat. and show them a few easy go-to healthy recipes. The beauty about doing a family cooking class is that it’s relaxed and fun, which really feels more like we’re just hanging out cooking a bit of food with friends. Even our little buddy will be in on the action. I love that.  Of course we all share a passion for wine, which will no doubt end up with a bunch of empty wine bottles (I hope). I need to get some practice before we meet the fam bam next week for the hols. I’m going to be totally bolloxed if I don’t and will probably be asked to turn over my Irish passport! I already get enough shit for having my teeth whitened.

Perhaps you might be interested in cooking classes?

If you’ve any questions or suggestions for topics you’d like to hear from me on, hit me up. Leave a comment below or twitter me.


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