Crab & Prawn Salad with Mary Rose Sauce

by Gavan on March 19, 2009

Crab & Prawn Salad with Marie Rose Sauce

Though my intention was to get this off in time for St. Paddy’s Day, I figured it would also be a good cleansing meal for the big after-drink session. Maybe not the day after, but say after the head is fixed, when you’re back to grind, back to reality. Perhaps you’ll pair this recipe with some brown soda bread—now we’re talking!

You’ll notice we call shrimp “prawns,” no matter what the size. Stateside we’re able to get beautiful colossal shrimp, which are considered prawns, but in Ireland prawns usually refer to bay shrimp, as they don’t get too much larger than that locally depending on where you live. Seeing as I grew up in Kerry, this was the case so I recreated this dish just as I’ve had it many times before back home. The only difference is that I made my own mayo, cutting out fat, cholesterol and calories — do you think The Healthy Irishman would do otherwise?


For Mayonnaise
(yields about 2 cups)

2 eggs yolks
¼ tsp Dijon mustard
4 tbsp. lemon juice
1½ cups olive oil
Pinch of paprika
Pinch of salt & pepper


1. Place all ingredients except oil in blender.
2. Blend on high until all ingredients are well blended.
3. Add the oil in a slow steady stream.
4. If the mayo is too thick add a few drops of lemon juice.

TIP: Bet you didn’t realize how easy it is to make your own mayo!
You many find yourself with leftover mayo. Make sure you refrigerate in an air-tight container and use within a week.

Serves 4

1 lb. Bay Shrimp, rinsed
1 lb. Fresh Lump Crab meat, cleaned
2 cups lettuce
1 avocado

TIP: Even though crab meat comes cleaned, I always pick through it to make sure there aren’t any forgotten shell fragments.

Mary Rose Sauce
½ cup Homemade Mayonnaise (recipe above)
½ cup Ketchup
½ lemon, zested
squeeze of lemon juice
S&P to taste

1. Combine all the sauce ingredients together.
 Taste and season.

TIP: Traditionally the prawns and crab meat would be mixed with the mayo but I’m keeping the taste clean with a bit of indulgence from the Mary Rose sauce. Sublime!

All recipes are made with the finest quality farmers market whole foods, natural and non-processed ingredients.

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{ 2 comments… read them below or add one }

JD at I Do Things December 14, 2009 at 2:56 pm

This brought back fond memories.

I lived in Ireland (Dun Laoghaire) for a few years in the mid-80s. How I loved prawn cocktails with Mary Rose sauce. Here in the states, prawn or shrimp cocktails are traditionally served with the spicy red cocktail sauce. Yuck.

So now I actually have a recipe for Mary Rose sauce! I won’t have to substitute the not-quite-right Thousand Island dressing any more. Tho I may just use store-bought mayo.

Nice blog!

Gavan Murphy aka the H.I. December 16, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Thanks JD, you can’t beat a good prawn cocktail, soda bread and a good pint. I’ve been to plenty of pubs in Dun Laoghaire so I know you got the real deal over there.
Agree with you on the cocktail sauce………not good.

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