Dinner with Friends

by Gavan on December 8, 2011

Hey guys, I’ve decided I’m going to start blogging more about any and everything that catches my fancy, mainly food related. I get comments and questions sometimes asking things like what restaurants I like, what kind of cookware I use at home, what wines would go with certain recipes, why did Gordon Ramsey get a hair transplant, etc. Some I have answers for…others I can merely speculate. I usually just post recipes but I’m going to give this a go for a bit and see what happens.

So….last weekend we (the missus and I) went out for dinner with our good friends, Bill & Linda. Because we have a catering business getting a Saturday night off is rare so we had two choices, sit at home and catch up on X-factor (that’s not my choice it’s hers) or actually be social and grab a bite & beers with our friends and talk about random stuff that people talk about when they go out for dinner. Clearly we went with the latter or else this would be a post about X-factor.

Whenever we do get out for din dins I always like to go somewhere new so we went to Sotto, which to be fair I hadn’t heard of. Linda confided in me that she likes to read/watch food porn sites on her down time where she came across this place. For those of you who know anything about me and my very particular, some might say super strict regimented eating habits when I do go out for a meal like this I do indulge…big time.

I love food particularly Italian and there was a lot of stuff on here that I liked. They had freshly made pizzas and homemade pastas including a pasta dish with sea urchin, which was killer as well as the squid ink fusilli, also not too shabby. The shaved beet salad was a great palate cleanser. I wasn’t into the chickpea fritters as an appetizer though. They were kind of uninteresting. Bill & Linda got some grilled bread with lardo, which is cured & dried pork back fat. Mmm tasty! As much as I like to go big that was a tad on the tall side for me. My neurotic personality would have sent me straight to the gym had I tucked into that so I gave it a miss. I stuck with plain grilled with good EVOO. I love when I find these new (to me) eateries that have a nice energy and serve food from quality ingredients. The only thing I would say is the pasta portions were a bit on the small size. They were pitched as family style but would really only feed one hungry Irishman or two not so hungry babies. We ended up getting two of each and two pizzas but who’s counting?
Oh and the cannolis with ricotta, orange marmalade, pistachios and chocolate….get them! Three orders in along with the panna cotta AND chocolate cake I was done. Bill even had an order of cannolis before his starter arrived as a little taste test. Maybe he’s onto something. Is this the way to judge a restaurant? Dessert first?
A little strange but whatever floats your boat.


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