Don’t Be Fooled By Fortified Foods

by Gavan on May 23, 2011

How many of us are fooled by the packages of our food?

“It is about slick marketing,” says Joy Bauer, a nutritionist and Today Show contributor. “Companies know and put thought and strategy into the persuasion of packaging. By adding a couple of vitamins, minerals or omega-3 fats consumers think there is health in these products and they will have a health advantage by eating them.”

What was great about the segment this morning was that they not only addressed the fortified vitamin amounts in these products but Joy also offered other alternatives containing the same amount of these vitamins naturally. In other words, if you eat fresh unprocessed foods you’ll get all the fiber, antioxidants and vitamins naturally, sans all the bad stuff such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial color and food dyes.

See for yourself how easy it is and watch the video below:

Almonds, strawberries, wild salmon…when it’s put in simple terms like that doesn’t it sound easy to eat healthy? It IS easy.

Have you made healthy changes in the way you eat?

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