Got Sugar?

by Gavan on February 16, 2009

How’s this for timing?
I was in the grocery the other day trying to pick out a pasta sauce. My ol’ reliable, the kind I usually buy, was not available so I found myself staring down the shelves of sauce alley. Which one, which one. Although I’m not big into buying prepackaged foods, because I go through so much pasta sauce, it is one of the things I do buy for convenience. Of course I’m not your typical shopper. I’m a bona fide label reader. What am I looking for? Natural ingredients are key for me and my eyes are trained to look for added sugar content, where extra calories lurk. Take canned corn for instance. You think you’re being healthy and you probably expect just corn to be in that can. Ever look at the labels? You’d be surprised that some brands add sugar and salt. Same with all canned veg, beans, peanut butter and of course pasta sauce.

Then I saw this segment on the Today Show this morning. It’s called good timing and I’m right on target.

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