Hut’s, an Austin Tradition Since 1939

by Gavan on May 20, 2010

Hut's Austin

Another weekend in Austin, Texas found us yet again, in search of good local food. I think I drive the Missus mad as much as I eat, which I’ll admit it takes over our trips. But searching for good food can be brilliantly surprising, especially when you find a gem.

With four of us along for a ride around town we didn’t get too far ’til my our stomachs started rumbling. One text later we found ourselves perched in what looks like an old diner, otherwise known as Hut’s Hamburgers. The Missus used to frequent this place way back when favouring their bacon veggie burgers (don’t ask). She assured us they had true meat burgers as well as buffalo burgers so we were all game. What she didn’t realize was that these burgers weren’t just ordinary burgers, they were all locally sourced. Tell me more please!

“Our hamburgers are fresh never frozen, purchased locally from Johnny G’s Meat Market in South Austin. Burgers are available with Buffalo, Boneless Chicken Breast, Longhorn Grassfed Beef or 100% fat free Veggie Burger. Our Buffalo and Longhorn are both raised in Texas. The Buffalo comes from Thunderheart Bison & the Longhorn from Bandera Grasslands. Both are certified AGA Grass-fed and carry the Animal Welfare Approved seal.”

Finding a locally sourced grass fed burger for a very reasonable price, sweet. I opted for the All American Buddy Holly Buffalo Burger (how very Irish of me) and it was good. Looked a little something like this (sans the cheese–you know me!)

Huts Hamburgers

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