Just the Tip (of Parsley)

by Gavan on April 20, 2010

Buggy parsley

It’s officially Springtime and if your garden is like mine, it’s in need of some love. About the only thing I have left alive are my strawberry plants and a few herbs, one of which being flat leaf parsley. I was making something recently where I needed some (either hummus or veg stock) so I trekked out to the garden only to find that I had a million little bugs crawling all over the leaves. Being a novice gardener I didn’t know what types of bugs they were I just knew I didn’t want to eat them. Lucky for me I picked up this cooking tip years and years ago during my restaurant days so I thought I’d share.

Since organic leafy greens might tend to have a few bugs hiding whether you buy them at the market or grow them, just grab a big bowl, add cold water and some salt and soak the leafy greens for about 10 minutes or so. When you add in the salt, taste the water and if it’s salty then you’ve added enough. You’ll start to see the bugs sink or float which is a good indicator it’s time to rinse. I like to shake my veg during the rinsing just to be sure I’m cleaning them well. Then pat dry and you’re good to go.


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