Killer Vegetarian BBQ

by Gavan on June 28, 2010

For this Meatless Monday’s inspiration I focused on the upcoming 4th of July holiday, which primarily belongs to us meat eaters and our grills. Since we’re all making our efforts to go without our beloved meat on Mondays (well we’re trying anyway!), I wanted to showcase a super easy and pretty tasty way to still get your protein through soy beans (aka tofu) vs. animal protein. If you’re new to tofu, this is a great way to try it as bbq sauce makes anything taste good. Just be sure to read your labels so you can choose a healthier sauce.

Serves 4

1 pkg. organic firm tofu, drained, sliced in half down the center, then cut into triangles
bbq sauce
S&P to taste

TIP: Tofu comes in many varieties such as silken, firm, extra firm and you’ll notice some come in water-packed containers and some packed without. I prefer firm or extra firm tofu in the water packed containers and I drain the tofu by standing the tofu up on one side after I slice it down the center. Silken tofu has a higher water content and is best in dips or smoothies while firm tofu is best for sauteing and grilling. I can’t stress enough how important buying organic tofu is because 91% of U.S.-grown soy is genetically modified, spearheaded by Monsanto = bad. Even Haiti has turned down seeds offered from Monsanto after their devastating earthquake, but I’ll let you do more research on Monsanto & GMO’s. For now you’ll just have to trust me that I’ve got your health at heart.

I like to marinate the tofu in the bbq sauce for at least an hour before grilling. You can either use a grill pan or a barbecue grill, either way the grilling doesn’t take long–just long enough to get the nice grill marks and a little browning on the tofu.

It’s as easy as that. We made some last night for an impromptu bbq with the neighbors, which worked out great.

Serving Suggestion:
Fresh organic corn on the cob & summer potato salad.

All recipes are made with the finest quality farmers’ market whole foods, natural and non-processed ingredients as much as possible.

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Erin June 28, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Does organic tofu automatically mean it’s not GMO soy? We’ve been avoiding soy for a few months, an I haven’t been able to get a straight answer to that question. Just curious if you know!

Gavan July 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm

That’s a good question, Erin. To answer your question, there is no absolute guarantee that organic tofu automatically means non-GMO. I was doing some research about it and though it’s a million times better to chose organic, there just isn’t enough regulations in effect to guarantee organic soy is non-GMO. But don’t give up on organic soy completely as it does your body good in moderation. To read more about this click here.

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