My New Favourite KIND of Snack

by Gavan on December 15, 2011

Tis the season for working long, hard hours in the catering biz and for travelling. My catering friends know I always bring my own food when I work (I’m an eating machine remember?) but it’s a bit harder to do so when you travel. Solution! Enter my new favourite snack, KIND bars. I think I came across this brand while waiting in line at Bed Bath and Beyond one day and I was really impressed by the taste and by the ingredients, “Ingredients you can see & pronounce” as touted on the label, so much so that the Missus saved the wrapper so we would remember the brand (me save anyting?). We ended up ordering an entire case to keep us fueled up throughout the holidays as well as fed on our long flight to Ireland shortly.

Self proclaimed healthy and tasty, convenient and wholesome, economically sustainable and socially impactful, what’s not to love about these bars? Gluten/wheat free, Non GMO, Low to very-low sodium, No trans fats, No hydrogenated oils…totally up my alley. And I’m pretty impressed with the sugar content, especially since some of the bars out there are loaded with sugar. Now, I know how I get if I get hungry. I’m a crabby son of a bitch so I love or probably more accurately put need to snack. Apart from me just loving food the body needs constant nourishment to help keep your metabolism high and also keep your energy levels where they should be. The best way to achieve both of those is to eat. As we know it’s hard to always find the time to grab a bite and for any of you guys, who like me, seem to always be on the move this is a good one to stash in your car or even keep in your gym bag for a quick burst of energy. I’m diggin’ these bad boys so take that for whatever it’s worth.


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