Nuthin But Pumpkin…

by Gavan on October 29, 2010

Halloween is upon us guys which means we’re in the middle of autumn, which also means lots and lots of winter veggies are appearing in the market. Without a doubt one of my favourites is pumpkin and obviously now is the perfect time to buy pumpkins. I’d say most people buy them, carve them, maybe roast the seeds but pumpkin is also delicious to eat–and I mean in other ways besides pumpkin pie! Very similar to butternut squash in both texture and taste pumpkin is really diverse. In fact, so diverse just this morning I saw them being used in place of medicine balls in a boot camp work out. Leave it to Californians right?

Back to using them as food, begin with simply roasting some. From there you’ll appreciate the taste and flavour of the pumpkin to then be able to know how to use it in other recipes. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Fresh pumpkin puree Pumpkin burgers

Roast pumpkin soup

Pumpkin banana bread Pumpkin risotto cakes

Now remember, don’t use the pumpkin that’s been carved or has been sitting on your stoop for the last three weeks. That’s probably not going to taste good. A couple days or even a week should be ok, though you’ll know once you crack into it.

Happy Halloween!

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