On Topo Venice

by Gavan on February 19, 2010

Recently my good lady decided to nominate me for a local pioneer program. I didn’t know anything about it ’til I got the email from them the other day. The sponsor of this program is Topo Ranch, which is a local clothing store specializing in organic cotton merchandise. Anyone who knows me knows I cook and live (as much as possible) in a sustainable way. (As soon as they launch organic Heineken I’ll be all over it!) My missus and I have been supporting these guys since they opened here in Venice so I appreciate their support back to me. The pioneer program is outlined as:

Topo Ranch is seeking people who are at the forefront of American culture enriching our lives through art, food, music, and the green lifestyle.”

Who knew I was enriching lives but I guess my passion for sustainable healthy food is definitely on the forefront of peoples’ minds these days….which is about time. It feels great to be recognized for doing what you do especially on a local level as these are the people I interact with on a daily basis.
Our community here in Venice is pretty close and very eclectic which is what I love about it. Living 5 minutes from the beach and my local also helps. Now, recognizing that this isn’t exactly a Ted Award and knowing I haven’t reinvented the wheel I’m still pretty chuffed to be included in this diverse group of people.

Here are my fellow Pioneers.

BTW Topo has free ground shipping ’til the end of the month. You should defo go check out their gear. Might as well give them a plug, right?


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