Phone for Fish

by Gavan on November 17, 2008

Don’t know if you caught the Parade Magazine in Sunday’s LA Times (obviously those of you not in LA didn’t) but it had some good articles about health and food. One in particular caught my eye, “Phone For Fish” which was about using your cell phone to find eco-safe fish. How does it work? Easy. All you do is send a text to 30644 with the message “fish” followed by the name of the fish you are inquiring about. For example, “fish salmon.” I just tried this myself and got a response within one minute. Brilliant.

The company behind this, Blue Ocean Institute, is a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation. For those of you who love fish as I do, this will not only help us become more environmentally aware but also more proactive in seafood sustainability.
Not sure if this number works outside of the States so will one of you across the pond try it out and let me know?

By coincidence one of our culinary networks, Dancing Spoon, also featured an article called “Save the Sushi” last month, which is basically the same idea but geared more towards your sushi grade fish. There’s even a link on this site which you can use to download a sushi guide directly to your cell phone.┬áThis is a big thing for us sushi lovers.

It seems there we have no more excuses to be unaware of what’s going on with our seafood. Who knew your cell phone would become a part of food and knowing the quality of what we’re eating?

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Suzanne Murphy November 20, 2008 at 5:20 am

Hi Gav, tried this text but have had no reply, would be surprised if it worked from here which is a shame..Su

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