Question of the Decade…Inside or Out?

by Gavan on March 27, 2012

Hey guys,

Let me just say beforehand that I’m passing on this little anecdote to you with the utmost respect for the person who said it but some shit you just can’t pass up telling others…respectfully of course. You’ll figure out why I’m stressing respectfully once you find out who I’m talking about.

As you would expect there is a common bond between a mother and daughter, especially when the daughter is about to become a mother herself. Lots of phone chats, emails, bbm’s all sorts of ways nowadays to update on the little fellas progress. With my missus being in her third trimester now our little man has been practicing his Riverdancing like crazy. But just a few weeks ago, as Christy was heading back to her native Texas to see her clan for a baby shower, he was just starting to kick. Christy had felt his “flutters” before but I hadn’t as he was still too small and not quite giving it the ol’ footie kick. These are the type of tidbits that a mother-in-law wants to know and of course gets excited about and it seemed to be the main topic of conversation before her trip. As luck would have it I was able to feel one of those flutters one evening and I have to tell you everything got real very quickly. When you actually feel the baby moving it’s both amazing and totally weird. Christy told her mom this on one of their epic phone chats and her mom got really excited. She was asking if she would be able to feel the baby kick when she’d be in Texas and Christy explained that although she was able to feel him I had only felt a little flutter one time. The following question has to fall into the classic category of ‘talking before you think’…respectfully of course.

“Oh Gav felt him? That’s great! From inside or outside?”…………….Silence on the phone. Christy, eyebrows raised, waited for the penny to drop.

“Oh I suppose it was from the outside. I don’t know why I said that!”

“Uh, Yep.”

Now there’s a million ways we could’ve answered that question, as I’m sure you can imagine, but let’s leave it there then shall we?

Not to appear as if I’m a one sided shit stirrer I have a beauty from my Mum as well, which I’m gladly going to pass onto you next post. Until then, if you have any good stories do share them with us so we can all be embarrassed together.


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