The Art of Sabering

by Gavan on January 25, 2011

I think I pretty much did it all in the 48 hours I spent in Napa with my 3 partners in crime: wine tasting at two outstanding wineries, eating delicious food (brilliant food at Redd in Yountville), experiencing the one and only bar in Yountville where if the owner doesn’t like you she’ll refuse service (true story right Britney Spears–or was it Jessica Simpson?)–thankfully we met her at dinner the night before so we were cool–all of this in the name work, documenting our journey for Vegucating Robin. Tough job right? And if that wasn’t enough, I learned how to saber.

Robin’s right-hand wine man, Scott Lewis, owner of V Wine Cellar and fellow Irishman, decided that after a day of wine tasting teaching me how to use a gigantic knife to open a bottle was a good idea. Of course I took on the challenge. I felt like Braveheart. Here’s how it all went down:

At first I thought, what have I gotten myself into?

Step one. Cage off

Step 2. Find the seam

Step 3. Slice away from you

Step 4. Just a nice easy motion....

Viola! I did it!

William Wallace would be proud.


Enjoying the fruits of my labour.

You wouldn’t believe how many Irish or British blokes live up there. I know, Scott’s accent has gone to the wayside but don’t hold that against him, he was a great host!

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