Thunder Clouds in Texas

by Gavan on December 1, 2009

Thunder Cloud Turkey Sub

As you saw in my last post Thanksgiving was spent in the land of cowboys, BBQ and the Ewings. The brother and I headed back to Cali on Sunday after our quick trip and were all set to grab a quick Subway sangwich (as we call it) for the plane. The father-in-law was quick to jump in and suggested we try his local sub shop, Thunder Cloud Subs. I was game so off we headed. It looks like a regular sangwich emporium in a strip mall except for the fact that the guys behind the counter actually had some personality. To most people a sangwich is just a sangwich, bread, meat, veggies, mustard, mayo, but for me, being the picky mo’fo I am, I like a little extra. A little banter with the sandwich guy is always cool but that aside they actually had a lot more variety. My missus being a veggie usually gets the usual boring veggie sub but this place had homemade hummus, fresh mushrooms, sprouts and their special olive oil dressing as well as the usual go-to veggies. Going that extra mile makes all the difference so I was well pleased. If you’re in the Austin or San Antonio area be sure to hit ’em up and let me know what you think. So far Texas has served me well!

Thunder Cloud Veggie Delite Sub

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