Urban Chickens

by Gavan on September 19, 2009

Courtesy of Planetsave.com

Apparently, it’s all the rage. First it was Urban Gardens (which we love) now the new growing trend is Urban Chickens. Recently I saw a piece on The Today Show (clip below) about such chickens (you can take the Paddy out of Ireland but……) living in Urban NY and this got me wondering where else Urban Chickens are hatching. My missus’ bff, Grace (I think I’m too old to use the term bff but omg whatev) lives in Maui and says chickens are like stray dogs there, roaming where they please. I know Maui isn’t exactly a metropolis but she does live in a city-like community vs. a plantation! Then I saw a blog where a couple is raising chickens for fresh eggs in their back yard in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles basically). So then I Googled ‘Urban Chickens’ and yep, you guessed it. It’s official: we’ve found a trend!
Now, if only I had enough space for my own chickens because I have been known to delve into the odd dozen egg whites a day…..on occasion. Can you imagine all the money I’d be saving on organic eggs?! Not sure I’d want Chinese or pizza tasting chickens though! (Watch the video below and you’ll understand what I mean!)

Do you have or know of someone who has Urban Chickens? Looks like Inner city chicks have taken on a new meaning!

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Libby September 19, 2009 at 3:01 pm

Hi Gavin,

I live in the suburbs of a med sized town. We had 6 hens living in about a 4 x 4 meter (sorry no idea how this converts) area of our yard. They are great. Such fun animals to watch and it’s great being about to go out the back door and collect fresh eggs (being a lacto-ovo vegetarian I go through quite a few). At first I felt guilty about the small space they have, but then I remembered their caged cousins and know they have the good life.


Kristi September 27, 2009 at 12:21 pm


Hey, saw this article you put up, I’m laughing because I have two friends who have built chicken coops, in addition to already transforming their equally tiny backyards into organic veggie farms. They each have 10 chickens and collect awesome eggs every morning. One couple lives in Gardena, the other in Culver City. The one in Gardena sometimes shares their eggs with neighbors, which we’re guessing helps the neighbors to accept the seemingly odd addition abutted to all their backyards! The others in Culver City have unfortunately had neighbors recently call animal control and because it is out of ordinance they are trying to find homes for all their 10 chickens! Sad! But seriously what a money saver and completely organic and healthy! A side funny note, the chickens’ favorite thing which they’ll all fight over: fresh kale or a tomato, it’s pretty funny to watch!


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