What a Year!

by Gavan on June 14, 2013

So you may have noticed blogging has not been high on my agenda recently or even at all. But before you get all postal on me let me explain. Exactly 1 year ago today my little boy Dillon popped into my world or out of somewhere and then into my world. I’ll tell you, it’s totally strange to think I have a baby boy who is a year old cuz it just seems like he just arrived and now suddenly 365 days later he’s one. That’s not really an excuse for not blogging, rather I just wanted to tell you (aka brag) that I have a 1 year old. It’s still nuts to think I’m a Dad. In fact, when I wrote his birthday card this morning I signed it ‘Dad’ and I realized just then that that was the first time I’ve signed anything ‘Dad’.

You may not know this, and how would you?, but patience is not something I have a lot of but I am learning because of the baby. My point being, for me to sit as I am now writing a post is not high on my list of priorities. It probably should be but I don’t like to sit still and usually have a number of things going on in my head at the same time so sitting down writing a post is one of my biggest procrastinations. I will try to get better.

It’s a big weekend in the Murphy house. Not only is it Dillon’s birthday today but to add some organic cane sugar to the vegan cream pie topping, it’s also our wedding anniversary tomorrow and I’m not done yet, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday, also known as no-cooking-or-washing-up-day-for-Gav or sweet-potato-fries-and-pancakes-for-brekkie day. Yes, even I indulge on a special occasion.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say whassup! I’ll try to blog more but you might be better off catching me on twitter, for now, until I stop procrastinating. http://twitter.com/healthyirishman.
See ya

Seems Gav forgot to press “Publish” so I get to jump in, too. Figured since it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything might as well give you a two-for-one-er.

Like Gav, I cannot believe it’s been an entire year already. There are so many things I wanted to do like blogging, recipe testing, organizing D’s baby book & photo albums, getting my hair did, shaving my legs but I can’t seem to find the time to do any of it! (Just joking about the last one, sort of…. Don’t judge – you try having a baby without help!!) Ehhum, the point is that life completely changes with a little one around and although I may not cross off much off of my to-do list (or anything) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby boy and cherish every minute with him. Even when he destroys my house. Which is often. Like multiple times a day. God bless the dust buster!

And it’s not that we haven’t been creating recipes, we’re just creating for a different market – you know, the small crawling kind. I thought making all of D’s food would’ve been a pain in the ass but turns out it’s pretty easy and a lot less expensive. My baba LOVES to eat & he eats A LOT, just like his daddy. Dear God, I’m having a flash forward of his teenage years. I’d better hire a chef!!

Happy First Birthday my gorgeous one.
Happy Anniversary my handsome one.
Happy Father’s Day my baby daddy.

The Missus

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Kilian June 15, 2013 at 6:11 am

So so happy for you guys. The dimension kids bring is hard to explain but I love every minute too. Keep well & happy. Happy Birthday Dillon, you have pretty cool oldies and lots or surprises ahead. Can’t wait to meet you, K

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